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A fresh look at your leadership transformation

Online Information Session
  September 10, 2020
  12:00 pm ET

Join us online to learn more about our Leadership programs, explore what it takes to learn to be a better leader and help you find the right program for the leadership skills you need. Advisors will be on hand to answer any live questions regarding our leadership programs.

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Learn to be a better leader

Find the right program for the leadership skills you need

The programs offered under our Leadership banner are specifically designed for managers and executives, no matter their role or responsibilities in a company. Ideal candidates are generally looking to strengthen their leadership skills as well as discover the key insights, knowledge, and tools they need to effectively manage and inspire a team.

You will come away with the ability to practise smart decision-making for growth and take the next step in your career.

There is no better time to explore and reflect on your personal leadership attributes.

Programs to take you where you want to be

Our vast selection of leadership programs provides you with a wide range of opportunities to learn key practices and fine-tune your skillset. Simply select the course that meets your immediate needs to elevate your leadership abilities to new levels as your career progresses.

Each program includes a Certificate of Completion—a testament to your ongoing learning and an impressive addition to your profile.

An incredible step up along your leadership journey

You will step into a dynamic learning environment with hands-on exercises, world-class practices, inspiring case studies, results-oriented project work, and key insights from top McGill faculty members and class peers—a rich source of concrete experience in the field.

The programs will provide you with a fresh and dynamic understanding of leadership and a new approach to decision-making.

Benefit from our experience

At McGill Executive Institute, our strength lies in our unsurpassed ability to teach and instill key leadership qualities—whether you are looking to improve your leadership skills or you are new to a managerial role.

Our carefully blended cutting-edge academic research with current leadership issues will help you immediately apply real-life skills when you go back to the office.

Our objective is to put together a powerful, stimulating program that is tailored to your particular leadership challenges and goals.

What’s in it for you?

As a participant in McGill Executive Institute’s Leadership programs, you will acquire valuable new skill sets, renewed confidence in your role, replenished energy to tackle challenges head-on, and the increased ability to inspire and motivate your team.

Your new knowledge and experience will also set you apart, so you can stand out as a mobilizing resource and be top of mind when your company is presented with new challenges and opportunities.

We can help you decide which leadership program is right for you.

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Key benefits of our Leadership Programs

  • Explore and reflect on your personal leadership attributes
  • Broaden and challenge beliefs with our network of top-calibre faculties
  • Connect with an exceptional peer group from diverse backgrounds
  • Challenge yourself, others, and existing organizational strategies, processes, assumptions, and mindsets
  • Sustain long-term impact through follow-up mechanisms to track learning application and actions
  • Ensure your organization remains competitive and generates shareholder value over the long-term

Speak to an advisor

Have questions? Our Learning advisors will be happy to speak with you and help you choose the right learning path for you.