Directors Education Program

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Program Description

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Why DEP?

Curriculum Overview

The Directors Education Program is delivered in four three-day modules in cities across Canada. Modules are taught by leading faculty of prominent business schools, some of Canada’s most experienced directors, and leading governance experts.

Module I -
Guiding Strategic Direction and Risks

Module I provides a comprehensive overview of the fundamental board tasks and processes; it defines directors’ legal duties and responsibilities and discusses such tasks as overseeing strategic decisions and managing group dynamics and decision-making in the boardroom.

Module II -
Monitoring Financial Strategy, Risks and Disclosure

Module II focuses on the board’s responsibility to oversee and monitor financial performance, health, and disclosure. Participants take part in group exercises that illustrate how to effectively organize and run audit committees, as well as improve their personal effectiveness in the board meeting context.

Module III -
Guiding Human Performance

Module III focuses on the board’s role in enhancing human performance, including the appointment, evaluation, compensation and renewal of the executive team. This module also examines how to structure boards with the appropriate set of director skills and experiences.

Module IV -
Assessing Enterprise Risk and Directing Extreme and Unique Events

In Module IV, participants integrate their learning across the four modules by employing an enterprise risk management framework that helps directors identify and prioritize the wide range of issues influencing their organizations. Some of the specific risks and issues include mergers and acquisitions, technology investments, operations crises, finance irregularities, human capital failures and governance breakdowns.

ICD-Rotman Directors Education Program (DEP) Diversity Scholarship

How to apply

Visit the ICD website for additional information or to apply.

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