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Customized Solutions

Tailored Learning Solutions for Your Business Challenges

The McGill Executive Institute (MEI) offers custom programs that put the focus on the experience of learning. You benefit from expert solutions ranging from short capability-building workshops to multi-disciplinary leadership programs, consulting, coaching, and more.

Whether at our downtown campus in Montreal, or anywhere in the world, MEI will deliver custom programs designed to address your company’s unique needs, challenges, and opportunities.

The setting becomes a learning-driven environment where you can leave behind your day-to-day issues to discover ways to improve business, align your team, and tackle your company’s concerns.

The MEI team and our faculty have put together hundreds of exclusive learning experiences for businesses of every size. We are here to understand your needs and goals and deliver a learning plan that’s designed specifically for your organization.

Partner with us for an experience that will drive results.

Our Approach

1 -
Discovery and Needs Analysis

Discovery and Needs Analysis

The process begins with the end in mind. We start with a consulting exercise between you and our learning solutions advisors in order to help us gain a better understanding of your exact needs.

Together, we will then focus on your desired outcome and engage in a co-creative process that will shape exclusive solutions for your company. This collaboration will determine what your learning objectives are, what impact you want to achieve, and how you define success.

This process helps advisors determine what kind of program is right for your organization—whether it’s delivering one of our current program titles to your employees or a blended learning experience customized in every way to your company’s singular challenges.

To get the most out of this step, we will review your specific needs and goals, including:

  • Technical, cognitive, and social abilities you would like to develop
  • The attitude and thinking you would like employees to foster in order for them to feel confident, take ownership of their work, and become engaged
  • Building relationships with all employees and sharing a common vision, ensuring all teams are aligned on the same page

Speak with your MEI advisors to discuss and define what success looks like for your company—and how we can help get you there.

2 -
Design and Development

Design and Development

Following our discovery meeting to set your desired outcome, the next step is to determine the best course of action to achieve results. This is where we identify the specific skills, concepts, and principles you want employees to learn and the challenges you wish them to tackle.

We will shape your learning experience and put together the best possible methodology tailored to your specific needs. Every program we design is unique because no two organizations are alike. Your experience will not be assembled from different pre-set content, but rather built from scratch based on the best learning approach.

This continually evolving process between you and our advisors allows us to determine the most effective solutions, tailor program content, and set up methods that are best suited to your team—whether aimed at young professionals, mid-managers, or senior decision-makers. Using our experience, your challenges, and industry best practices, we will shape a program that delivers one-of-a-kind solutions and offers participants a truly transformative experience.

At the McGill Executive Institute, our focus is on action learning. Which means your experience with us will not only be classroom based, it will also be an interactive, hands-on approach geared toward creating ah-ha moments and providing your employees with something relevant, memorable, and motivating to take away with them.

We can also facilitate and lead team-building exercises outside the classroom to promote synergy.

Let us create an unforgettable program that will put together all the steps you need for a successful outcome.

3 -
Delivery and Learning Impact

Delivery and Learning Impact

Our dedicated team is committed to providing you with the highest level of service at every turn.

Our faculty will deliver an engaging learning experience, with a keen focus on monitoring your employees’ reflections and questions in order to tweak the program content to ensure the end-goal is always kept in mind. Since this training is designed specifically for your organization, faculty can engage in more detail and allow the learning process to be audience-driven.

This investment is a real and impactful way to empower participants with the confidence and environment they need to propel ideas, solutions, and decisions. Your team will gain the tools needed to become self-led leaders and drive value in your organization. There will also be time in the program set aside for reflection, discussion, and an ongoing implementation of ideas. This may include the use of journals, lunch and learns, and more.

The end goal is to provide you with ideas that your team can apply immediately. That is why our program structure includes problem-based learning activities, class discussions, presentations, individual assignments, and peer feedback.

At MEI, our goal is to provide you with a program that makes learning “stick” using a unique method that extends momentum beyond the classroom.

Get in touch today so we can start this learning process for your company.

4 -
Evaluation and Post-Program Initiatives

Evaluation and Post-Program Initiatives

At the end of the program, participants are asked to reflect on their learning experience in order to start shaping an action plan for their return to work. The goal is to keep learning alive and provide you with ideas that your team can apply immediately.

We make sure to capture participant feedback as soon as the program is over, when ideas are top of mind. Results are then closely studied by our advisors and Executive Director so we can determine whether the program has successfully achieved its goals.

Our advisors will go over program results with you and assess what post-program initiatives or other skills may be needed. This ensures your employees stay engaged and that program content made an impact.

MEI can also offer you additional touchpoints in a variety of formats, including:

  • Lunch-and-learn sessions
  • Micro-learning sessions
  • Ongoing support via our dedicated logistics and customer service team
  • And more

Leading and learning is a state of mind that can be sparked and fed. Reach out to us today and discover the many different ways we can make learning stick in your business—and help your employees develop a desire to continue to grow.

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Custom programs: A stepping-stone to business success

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Before, during and post-program

Our many years of in-depth experience with clients from around the world puts us in the ideal position to design and deliver programs that meet—and exceed—your expectations. No problem is ever too big, complex, or unique. The MEI advisors know there is always a solution, and working closely with you and profoundly understanding your issues makes all the difference.

Trust us to listen, advise, and construct a tailored learning experience for your company, and be right there with you throughout the process. As your partner in learning, we share your goal of a successful outcome that creates real momentum for positive change.

Tested tools for successful results

Decades of delivering tailored programs to hundreds of different companies has made MEI a proven expert in our field. We bring that immense expertise to the table when designing your program, and the ease and flexibility of our advisors and faculty mean we can adapt to any situation or change of priority in an instant—ensuring your program continues to meet your specific needs and respond to your employees’ questions and concerns.

Our substantial toolkit contains a wide range of proven solutions that we use to design and deliver custom programs. From personality-type assessments to leadership coaching, negotiation workshops, and much more, we have all the tools needed to generate productive and positive results.