Mini MBA

Mini MBA

Are you ready to reach new heights?

Online Information Session

June 5, 2024
12:00 pm ET


Join us online to learn more about the Mini-MBA Series, the curriculum, and the upcoming Online Mini-MBA programs. Advisors will be on hand to answer any live questions regarding the program.

The McGill Mini-MBA Series

The mini program with a big impact

Taking your career to the next level requires significant time and investment—which you may simply not have right now. That’s what makes McGill’s Mini-MBA Series the ideal stepping stone for the next phase of your professional development.

Online from the comfort of your home or in person at McGill University’s Montreal downtown campus, we want to help you reach your peak of excellence and accelerate your career goals.

In just a few days, you’ll gain the insight you need to speak about key MBA concepts with confidence, expertly interact with high-level executives and make daily decisions that will positively impact your career.

You’ll gain career confidence, a greater understanding of the business world and a Mini-MBA certificate that attests to your achievement and commitment to your ongoing development.

Why a Mini-MBA?

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- Executive Development Course (EDC)

Mini-MBA – Understanding the full picture of business

Classroom at the McGill executive institute, people discussing.
- Advanced Management Course (AMC)

Mini-MBA – Managing your organization effectively and efficiently

Classroom at the McGill executive institute, people discussing.

Is a Mini-MBA for you?

Mini-MBA Certificates

Success Stories

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The Mini-MBA Program: at the heart of professional development

Is the Mini-MBA program for me?

Most participants have at least 5 years of work experience and tend to be mid- to upper-level managers and professionals from every type and size of organization. Note that you will be assigned to a group of peers with different experiences in order to make the most of your learning opportunities.

What qualifications do I need to enroll?

The Executive Development Course (EDC) is open to managers of all experience levels, and each class includes participants from a wide range of professional backgrounds, including engineering, project management, human resources, operations, sales, and more.

If you’d like to enroll in the Advanced Management Course (AMC), we suggest you complete Cycle I or have a minimum of 5 years of managerial working experience and an intermediate level of financial literacy.

Is the Mini-MBA Series offered online?
What can I expect from the online learning experience?
  • Flexible Format; (84 net learning hours divided across modules); content is time released and stretched out over time to allow for application and transfer of new skills, tools and frameworks for the best outcome.
  • Action-Learning Approach; Content, activities and experiences are relevant and immediately applicable to your day-to-day back at work.
  • Enriched Curriculum; new multimedia content created and curated to align with different learning styles.
  • Access to Alumni Network; Upon completing a cycle either online or on-site, participants will be invited to join the Mini-MBA Series Alumni Network (MMSAN). The program fosters connection and engagement with a global peer community and program alumni.
Is the coursework load significant?

You can expect about 2-4 hours of additional work per week outside class for group and individual preparation, or about 3-6 hours per day in the condensed, in-person, version of 2 modules of 4 days.

How challenging are the programs?

Emphasis is placed on helping you reach your peak of excellence, gain confidence and accelerate your career goals. That’s why even MBA grads take the program to refresh and update their knowledge base, and specialized managers take it to broaden their expertise. Executives use our programs to develop strategic management skills and network with exceptional peers from a variety of industries.

How do I prepare for the program?

You’ll be provided with a selection of cases to read before each course, and you are encouraged to think about and bring along any personal goals, questions, challenges, and objectives you may have. Remember: this is your learning experience and our goal is to ensure it’s relevant to your career.

Do these programs fill up quickly?

Yes! Our programs often fill up one or more months in advance, so it’s in your best interest to register early. Please ensure full payment is made to secure your place in the program and receive your reading material, which is generally sent 2 weeks before the class begins.

Will there be an exam or a grade given out?

This program does not include exams. Instead, you will complete the program with a group presentation to the faculty panel, after which you will receive your Certificate of Completion from the McGill Executive Institute.

Will I receive a tax receipt?

Note that our programs are management development courses and not government-accredited ones, and we do not issue personal tax receipts.

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