About Us

Our Mission and Values

Genuine Caring

  • Unsurpassed customer care is a top priority.
  • We put kindness and empathy at the heart of everything we do.
  • We see the importance of creating a workplace that fosters well-being and balance.

Exceeding Expectations

  • We continually strive to go above and beyond.
  • Our ambition is to maximize value for both the learners & their organizations.
  • We adhere to the highest standards of ethics and professionalism.


  • We believe that teamwork - based on trust and communication - leads to great achievements.
  • Everyone’s role is important & we each do our part to succeed as a whole.
  • We want our community of learners, service partners, professors & employees to thrive.

Lifelong Learning

  • We seek out new ideas and opportunities to learn, grow and innovate.
  • We value the humility of asking questions and the responsibility of sharing insights.
  • We respond and adapt quickly to change.

Why should you put your trust in us?

Because McGill is synonymous with excellence

McGill University is ranked number 1 in Canada and among the best in the world.

With some 300 buildings, 40,000 students, 250,000 current alumni, and a reputation for excellence that reaches around the globe, McGill has carved out a spot among the greatest universities in the world.

Thanks to our exceptional education standards, our students and graduates have realized achievements that have forever changed the world. These include astronauts, Nobel Prize winners, Grammy and Juno winners, a Giller Prize-winning novelist, world-renowned actors and singers, the author of Canada’s national anthem, and Prime Ministers. We are also proud to be the source of key research and discoveries in a wide range of fields such as medicine, management, science, and many more.

Because of our commitment to quality and service

Our outstanding customer service ratings live up to our reputation and ranking. The experienced logistics team here will ensure that all details, requests, and questions are taken care of from beginning to end.

Because it's about learning with impact

McGill Executive Institute has extensive experience when it comes to identifying the specific ways to improve thinking and behaviour in order to make a positive impact on your company. Our highly interactive class settings, real-life issues, and post-classroom initiatives are created to ensure that what you learn here is successfully applied when you return to work.

Because of our extensive credibility and experience

Our faculty members and experts are selected for their innovative thinking, cutting-edge concepts, hands-on business experience, and ability to communicate with all audiences—from young professionals to CEOs in a wide range of industries.

Because we are a long-term partner in your success

By providing integrated services like needs assessment, consulting, coaching, and training, we have shaped a successful way to understand the needs, preferences, and culture of clients like you so we can adapt our classroom experience accordingly. This enables us to create a lasting partnership with you and your company so we can target your specific goals and challenges and help you continue to succeed.

Because we offer a world-class experience

As one of the top 20 business schools in the world, McGill University and McGill Executive Institute benefit from a strong international reputation, attracting participants from all over the globe. Every member of the McGill Executive Institute faculty possesses solid international business proficiency, bringing a strong global perspective and vital real-life experience to every program.

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We are with you from beginning to end

Eric Saine

Welcome to the McGill Executive Institute (MEI)

McGill University’s hub for executive education.

I believe that the purpose of learning for working adults is to change in order to feel more confident and capable in whatever aspect of professional life they want to pursue more successfully. This might include making the most of new opportunities, updating skills to take on a new job role, reversing old habits, becoming more efficient and productive, and conquering ambitious goals. While we are well known for developing the potential of “executives” including senior managers and board members, we also offer a wide range of lifelong learning solutions for younger managers, professionals and high-potentials.

My role is to guide and support faculty and staff who are experts at human potential. We place a strong emphasis on upfront needs analysis to understand just what are the desired learning and business goals for you and/or your team. From there, we source outstanding faculty who bring you meaningful learning moments grounded in innovative research, tied to outcomes, and aligned with your day-to-day reality. Finally, we use a variety of delivery and follow-up methods so that learning translates to action and is sustained back in the workplace.

The choice of where to go and who to trust has never been greater in a world where learning is everywhere – at work (internal training sessions, communities of practice, mentorships), in the community (academic institutions, consulting firms, professional associations), and, of course, through endless online and digital options. I hope that MEI becomes a value-added part of that mix for you and that we earn your trust as a personalized knowledge partner.


Eric Saine
Executive Director - McGill Executive Institute