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Accounting and Finance for Non-Financial Managers
Master the tools for making smart financial decisions
Advanced Management Course (AMC) - Montreal
Mini-MBA for experienced managers
Advanced Management Course (AMC) - Toronto
Mini-MBA for experienced managers
Airline Leadership Program
Gain the tools and skills needed to propel your career forward
Becoming a High Efficiency Manager
Strategies for peak performance & business results
Business Writing for Managers
Best practices in writing clear, concise and successful communications
Relate to diverse social styles and personalities at work
Decision-Making and Problem-Solving
Tools to take decisive action as a manager
Directors Education Program (DEP)
Better your skills. Better your board.
Effective Leadership
Lead with agility and integrity to align people and implement strategy
Essential Management Skills
Acquire the fundamental skills you need to be a successful manager
Executive Development Course (EDC) - Calgary
Mini-MBA for changing times
Executive Development Course (EDC) - Montreal
Mini-MBA for changing times
Executive Development Course (EDC) - Ottawa
Mini-MBA for changing times
Executive Development Course (EDC) - Toronto
Mini-MBA for changing times
Influence and Assertiveness
Elevate your power and impact to build cooperation and get results
Integrated Management Thinking (IMT)
Mini-MBA capstone experience for decision-makers
Integrated Management Thinking (IMT) - Toronto
Mini-MBA capstone experience for decision-makers
Leading Change with Emotional Intelligence
Helping people transform for breakthrough results
Managing Conflicts and Difficult Situations
Develop practical skills to deal effectively with conflicts
McGill Leadership Program (MLP)
Propel leaders beyond their expectations
Negotiating for Success
Conclude win-win agreements with collaborative negotiations
NFP Governance Essentials Program
Optimize your performance in the boardroom
Presenting with Confidence
Create and deliver great presentations
Project Management: From Principles to Action
Develop comprehensive skills for project success from start to finish
Retail Leadership Program
Acquire the tools, skills and insights needed for retail success
Strategic Planning and Execution
Turn strategy into action and results
The McGill Post-MBA
Helping MBA graduates stay on top of new trends