McGill's Mini-MBA and the EMBA McGill-HEC Montreal a winning combination

McGill’s Mini-MBA and the EMBA McGill-HEC Montréal: a winning combination

Philippe Ouimette, Director of Strategic Partnerships for Genetec, and now based in Brisbane, shares how both the Mini-MBA and EMBA programs contributed to his development

Philippe Ouimette
Success Story

McGill’s Mini-MBA, and the unique bilingual EMBA that McGill offers in partnership with HEC Montreal both fulfill important roles in helping you grow to your potential as a leader. You don’t have to choose!

Philippe Ouimette (Mini-MBA 2008, EMBA 2014) shares how the two programs contributed to his development:

“For me, the Mini-MBA was a gateway into the full EMBA program. A smaller commitment in terms of time and costs that served as an introduction back into academia while still benefiting from a great mini-program and new connections with the participants. I finished the Mini-MBA with the thought that I wanted to dig deeper into the core subjects, which I would be able to do in the EMBA.”

"The Mini-MBA gave me the confidence that the EMBA program was within my reach.”

Philippe started working at Genetec a few months after completing his EMBA. He was recently appointed Director of Strategic Partnerships for the APAC (Asia-Pacific) region, after serving as Country Manager for the ANZ (Australia-New Zealand) region. In his new role, Philippe Ouimette will develop and lead new strategic commercial ventures for Genetec in the APAC region.