Leaders as Coaches

Level Up: Webinar Series

Leaders as Coaches

with Jane Reichman Van Toch

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Enhance your abilities as a leader through the role of coaching. To shift from a manager to a coach requires building a coaching culture, understanding organizational coaching, and coaching for performance and development.

What is coaching? What are the different types? How does it differ from mentoring? And why is it important? Jane Reichman Van Toch will answer these questions and more. Discover a coaching model and relationship that works for you and your employees.


Jane Reichman
Jane Reichman Van Toch

Jane Reichman Van Toch is a specialist in strengthening individual, team and organizational performance. She began her career as a practicing lawyer in the private sector, later transitioning to the role of educator/consultant in the areas of organizational effectiveness, leadership and emotional intelligence. She came to McGill University in 2010 as Senior Advisor - Organizational Development and Talent Management, later joining the McGill Executive Institute faculty. Jane holds two Bachelor of Law degrees from McGill and a Masters in Human Systems Intervention (Organizational Development) from Concordia.