Innovation and Growth Courses

Unlocking innovation to solve business problems

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Innovation and Growth Courses

Unlocking innovation to solve business problems

Are you interested in increasing your creativity, critical thinking, and complex problem-solving skills? An organization’s ability to innovate — whether creating seamless and enjoyable customer journeys, radically new products and services, or breakthrough business models — is critical to long-term success.

Our Innovation and Growth Courses will provide you with the tools to solve important, challenging problems in creative and value-creating ways. You will learn the principles and tools of design thinking and how to apply them across your organization to achieve innovation and growth.

You will elevate your strategic thinking skills and benefit from a greatly improved understanding of how you can create value by helping your organization crack the problems that matter most.

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Tangible solutions to complex challenges

At the McGill Executive Institute, we offer a powerful learning environment tailored to your specific challenges, needs, and goals.

Our Innovation and Growth Program is designed for managers, executives, engineers, and entrepreneurs who need a toolkit for innovation. Participants will learn how to provide more impactful, advanced, and sustainable solutions for complex problems in the business world.

The program is designed for leaders, managers, and area specialists across all divisions grappling with new ways to do business in today’s digital revolution. It is also relevant for executives involved in forming corporate strategy and leading strategy implementation.

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Innovation and Growth Programs

Innovating Through Design Thinking

Apply the power of design thinking for business growth

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