Do I have the right profile?

    Participants typically have at least four or more years of work experience and tend to be mid to upper level managers (with or without direct reports), coming from every discipline, size and type of organization, including private companies, not-for-profits and government services. Note that participants will be joined in groups with peers with different expertise to maximize learning exchanges.

Do I need qualifications to enroll?

    The Executive Development Course (EDC) is open to all levels of experience and the class will include participants with a diverse range of professional backgrounds including engineering, project management, human resources, operations, sales and more. For the Advanced Management Course (AMC), we suggest you either complete the Cycle I or have at least 7 years of management experience and be reasonably comfortable reading a financial report. For the Integrated Management Thinking Course (IMT), we suggest you either complete the Cycle II or have at least 15 years of management experience. A BCOM or MBA degree is not a prerequisite for enrollment, and some find our Mini-MBA programs excellent refresher courses for a degree past 7 years.

What is the homework load?

    Expect 2-4 hours per week outside class for group and individual preparation (expect 1-2 hours per day in the condensed version of 2 modules of 4 days.)

How challenging are the programs?

    The emphasis is on helping you reach your peak of excellence and accelerating your career goals, which is why even MBA grads take the program to refresh their knowledge base and specialized managers take it to broaden their expertise. Executives use the programs to develop strategic management skills and network with exceptional peers from a variety of industries.

How soon should I enroll?

    Programs often fill up one or more months in advance so we strongly advise you to register early. Payment must also be completed before you receive the necessary readings sent about 2 weeks in advance to get you started. Only then is your position secured on the program.

Is there an exam at the end or is it graded?

    There are no exams and the program is completed with a group presentation to the faculty panel upon which you receive a Certificate of Completion from the McGill Executive Institute. Note that our programs are management development courses and not a government accredited course. It is an important distinction since we do not issue personal tax forms.

For more information or to select the right cycle, please contact;

Eric Saine
Director of Business Development
T 514-398-5817 or toll-free at 1 888 419 0707