Negotiating for Success — Online

Conclude win-win agreements with collaborative negotiations


This action-oriented program will improve your bargaining power and provide you with a variety of practical strategies and tactics to become a successful negotiator in any context. Collaborative negotiation principles and techniques are explored through role-plays, case studies, and videotaped simulations. Self-analysis, feedback, debriefing and coaching will help you analyze and improve your style. You will learn how to achieve successful, win-win outcomes for both negotiating parties.

Key Benefits & Takeaways

  • Gather information and plan negotiations that succeed
  • Adapt your negotiation style to any situation
  • Know when an agreement can be reached and when to walk away
  • Negotiate one-on-one, in teams, and with multiple partners and issues
  • Use your negotiating ability to influence others
  • Improve your decision-making skills
  • Apply the Negotiation Situation Analysis Tool to your own negotiations

This program is for all negotiators – from neophytes to veteran negotiators, including managers, executives, entrepreneurs, lawyers and professionals who work in business development, sales, purchasing, marketing, fund-raising, labour relations and project or product management.

The registration fee includes facilitation by our highly-rated faculty members, a comprehensive digital workbook, results-oriented exercises, and a certificate of completion from the McGill Executive Institute.

Topics covered during the program

  • Why do you negotiate?
  • With whom do you negotiate?
  • What defines successful negotiation?
  • Understanding individual negotiating styles
  • Gauging your team’s skills and resources, strengths and weaknesses
  • Assessing your counterpart’s profile and style
  • The characteristics of successful negotiators
  • Negotiation Case 1: focus on styles
  • Knowing the five key elements in the negotiation process
  • Focusing on values and needs: yours and theirs
  • Preparing for negotiations using the Negotiation Situation Analysis Tool
  • Negotiation Case 2: planning tools and elements
  • Identifying the behavioural tactics used in negotiating
  • Choosing the most effective tactics for each situation
  • Assessing issues and concerns
  • Negotiating by phone and e-mail
  • Tactics exercise and scenarios
  • Focusing on the relationship between the negotiators
  • Identifying issues and concerns
  • Reframing the issues and find common ground
  • Matching the tactics to negotiation stages
  • Understanding win-win negotiation strategy
  • Managing competitive and cooperative dimensions of bargaining
  • Integrating your negotiating profile, elements, tactics and stages
  • Engaging with strategies and tactics of multi-party negotiation
  • Formulating a multi-party, multi-issue agreement
  • Team Negotiation Case 3: using the integrated approach
  • Dealing with difficult people
  • Managing and defusing attacks
  • Addressing participants’ specific challenges
  • Transferring your new skills to the work environment
  • Continuing improvement using the Negotiation Situation Analysis Tool

CPD Hours

This program has been approved for 19.5 CPD hours under Section A of the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Log of the Human Resource Professionals Association (HRPA).

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