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In an age where information moves quickly and multi-tasking is a business expectation, it takes increased self-awareness and special skills to successfully manage priorities and build resilience for lasting success and avoid falling into automatic pilot.

This program focuses on meeting deadlines with ease, managing your time for impact, prioritizing tasks efficiently, and optimizing your work-life balance, this program is a vital stepping-stone to achieving your career and life goals.

Key Benefits & Takeaways

  • Clarify priorities and critical goals
  • Understand how your mind can works for you rather than against you
  • Understand the multitasking trap
  • Build resilience and simplify your life
  • Increase productivity at work
  • Meet deadlines and assess what’s important
  • Take control of your priorities and learning how to say “no”
  • Achieve a healthier work/life balance
  • Understand your resistance to change habits

Anyone who wants to learn how to manage their lives mindfully and effectively, getting the right things done with less stress is the ideal candidate for this program. The learning is geared towards leaders and managers at any level, from the business world to multinational organizations, non-profits, and more.

The registration fee includes facilitation by our highly-rated faculty members, a comprehensive digital workbook, results-oriented exercises, and a certificate of completion from the McGill Executive Institute.

Topics covered during the program

  • Assess what is important to you
  • Set your goals and KPIs
  • Organize, plan and manage your workload
  • Acquire planning and scheduling techniques
  • Understanding your brain
  • Understand the benefits of positive stress and flow
  • Increase self-awareness and manage stress efficiently
  • Achieve a positive life/work balance in your daily routine
  • Simplify your life and avoid complexity
  • Deal with distraction and an unpredictable environment
  • Identify mismanaged and wasted time
  • Overcome procrastination
  • Create new habits
  • Barriers to change and mental models
  • Learn how to say ‘no’ and letting go
  • Designing a sustainable change plan

CPD Hours

This program has been approved for 6.5 CPD hours under Section A of the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Log of the Human Resource Professionals Association (HRPA).

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