Effective Leadership

Lead with agility and integrity


Organizations demand a high degree of agility, adaptiveness and integrity from their leaders. In this powerful two-day seminar, you will develop vital leadership competencies needed to communicate your organization’s vision, make effective decisions with the support of others and nurture a positive performance of those around you. This program is highly rated by aspiring leaders looking for a consistent approach and by those already in leadership positions wishing to stay on the edge of new developments.

Key Benefits & Takeaways

  • Understand key leadership styles/behaviours and in which context to use them
  • Discover four competencies required for exemplary leadership
  • Equip yourself with a “Leadership Survival Kit” to survive and flourish in today’s turbulent environment
  • Examine the ethical aspects of leadership and values which drive lasting results
  • Enhance others’ perception of you as a leader with integrity
  • Build the right culture for people and processes to support your strategy
  • Foster increased employee satisfaction with their jobs and commitments to leaders and organizations

This program is designed for current leaders at all levels as well as those aspiring to become leaders. Perfect for those who must achieve strategic results and are asking “what do great leaders do to engage and align people around them?” The content applies to all types of organizations from small businesses to multinationals.

The registration fee includes facilitation by our highly-rated faculty members, a comprehensive workbook, results-oriented exercises, seminar supplies, meal service (breakfast, lunch and breaks) and a certificate of completion from the McGill Executive Institute.

Topics covered during the program

  • Discovering what makes effective leadership?
  • Redefining assumptions about leadership

  • Ethics and Integrity in Leadership
  • Taking an inner voyage to link performance to morality
  • Harnessing integrity to achieve greatness
  • Leadership Style
  • Defining three styles of exemplary leadership
  • Positioning yourself as a leader with any audience
  • Applying different mixes of leadership in different settings
  • Achieving strategic alignment with your team and organization
  • Convincing different people to buy in to strategic change

  • Leading from the Core
  • Finding your own values
  • Translating values into behaviours to build the right culture
  • Gaining personal discoveries and insights about your leadership performance
  • Heightening awareness for personal and organizational transformation
    Sustainability as a Leader
  • Self-development of the leader (SDL)
  • Habits and processes to continually improve as a leader

  • Four Competencies Required for Effective Leadership
  • Relating these competencies to your work environment
  • Gaining commitment from employees
  • Creating a vision to foster excellence
  • Preparing for your personal SDL plan
  • Taking Action - A Personal Plan for Your Leadership Challenge
  • Working with a ‘council of advisors’ to clarify your leadership competencies
  • Fine-tuning and testing your vision
  • Finalizing your action plan to implement on the job

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This course was excellent! I learned what it means to be a real and genuine leader. Plus, I have never had a better instructor at catching and maintaining my attention.
Andrew Prockow
Dorel Industries Inc.