Open Enrollment Seminars

Discover a range of programs designed for professionals who want to acquire new skills, refresh their knowledge, exceed their goals, and gain a competitive advantage.


Accounting and Finance for Non-Financial Managers — Online

Master the tools for making smart financial decisions

Next session starts:
25 February 2021

Advanced Management Course (AMC) — Online

Mini-MBA for experienced managers

Next session starts:
25 January 2021

AI Essentials — Online

Create value with Artificial Intelligence

Next session starts:
7 December 2020

Analytics for Decision Making — Online

Leveraging data for business value

Next session starts:
14 December 2020

Authentic Leadership — Online

Performance, presence and contribution

Building and Selling a Winning Business Case — Online

Tools to move ideas forward

Next session starts:
10 December 2020

Coaching and Mentoring — Online

Enhance your abilities as a coach and trusted mentor

Communicating Effectively — Online

Relate to diverse social styles and personalities at work

Next session starts:
16 November 2020

Effective Leadership — Online

Key competencies for leadership challenges

Next session starts:
16 November 2020

Essential Management Skills — Online

Enable your transition to a management role

Next session starts:
13 January 2021

Executive Development Course (EDC) — Online

Mini-MBA for changing times

Next session starts:
11 January 2021

Influence and Assertiveness — Online

Elevate your power and impact to build cooperation and get results

Next session starts:
18 January 2021

Innovating Through Design Thinking — Online

Apply the power of design thinking for business growth

Next session starts:
23 November 2020

Integrated Management Thinking (IMT) — Online

Mini-MBA capstone experience for decision-makers

Next session starts:
26 April 2021

Leadership in Healthcare — Online

A cross-disciplinary approach to leading in the health sector

Managing Across Generations — Online

Motivate employees with what matters to them

Managing Priorities and Productivity — Online

Optimize your time to achieve your goals

Next session starts:
27 November 2020

McGill Certified Agile and SCRUM Master (MCASM) — Online

Practice using agile project management techniques

Next session starts:
30 November 2020

Navigating Workplace Conflict — Online

Essentials for a healthy work environment

Next session starts:
3 December 2020

Negotiating for Success — Online

Conclude win-win agreements with collaborative negotiations

Next session starts:
11 January 2021

Powering Growth Through EQ — Online

Build your Emotional Intelligence with concrete tools and strategies

Next session starts:
29 October 2020

Strategic Planning and Execution — Online

Turn strategy into action and results

Next session starts:
2 November 2020

Strategic Problem Solving — Online

Critical skills for organizational success

Next session starts:
2 November 2020

Virtual Teams — Online

Teaming for innovation and growth

Next session starts:
30 November 2020

Workplace Culture — Online

Building organizations that thrive

Next session starts:
14 December 2020

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Following the completion of a seminar, you will receive a Certificate of Completion from the McGill Executive Institute.

We offer special recognition in the form of an additional Certificate of Achievement—a prestigious and powerful statement of your accomplishment—when you complete any of the following certificate streams:

McGill Management Excellence Certificate

Broaden your management expertise by attending multiple programs from our seminar listing. After participating in any four of our open-enrollment seminars within a four-year period, you will be eligible to receive a McGill Management Excellence Certificate.

Contact us to learn more about applying for the certificate.

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McGill Management Consulting Certificate

One of the most important competencies across all management positions is understanding how to analyze issues and solve complex problems. This unique certificate equips participants with the tried-and-tested (but rarely revealed) methods of top strategy consultants.

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