Level Up: Webinar Series
Arguing Your Strategy

with John-Paul Ferguson

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To understand and implement adaptive strategy, you should understand the relationship between a strategy and an argument. Join John-Paul Ferguson and learn whether the argument you make for your strategic plan makes sense, and why.

Articulate the assumptions that underpin your specific arguments and brainstorm about experiences to test whether your assumptions hold. Move towards thinking about strategy as a plan to achieve a goal and develop day-to-day tools to test your confidence and the plan’s success.

In-Depth Learning

If you're interested in taking an in-depth look at this topic, join our seminars on Strategic Planning and Execution and Strategic Problem Solving


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John-Paul Ferguson
John-Paul Ferguson is an accomplished keynote speaker and executive educator as well as an award-winning business school professor. He is currently the Academic Director of the MBA program at McGill University. Formerly a professor at Stanford University’s Graduate School of Business, John-Paul holds a Ph.D. from the Sloan School of Management at MIT. For more than a decade, John-Paul has studied trends in organizational diversification, careers, employment, and strategy. He has published extensively on industrial relations issues and received the John T. Dunlop Award from the Labor and Employment Relations Association for outstanding research contributions by a young scholar.

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