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Step up to your management role

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General Management Courses

Step up to your management role

Our General Management Program is essential for new and developing managers who wish to learn best practices for success in managing teams and handling on-the-job challenges. You will gain a comprehensive understanding of what makes an effective manager — from building positive relationships to setting performance expectations to coaching and mentoring.

In these flagship courses, you will develop both hard and soft skills to bring out the best in yourself as a manager. You will reflect on your own strengths and weaknesses and open yourself to new possibilities. You will develop your people skills and learn how to inspire and engage others, how to lead teams, how to manage conflict, and how to build, sustain and expand your network.

Programs to kickstart your career

At the McGill Executive Institute, we offer a powerful learning environment tailored to your specific challenges, needs, and goals.

Our General Management courses are designed for newly appointed managers, supervisors, or project leaders, as well as those with up to five years’ management experience. Our programs are particularly helpful to professionals with several years’ technical expertise, who have been promoted to management or team-leader positions.

Choose from a suite of courses relevant to all skill levels and functional areas.

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General Management Programs

What’s in it for you?

You will benefit from the McGill Executive Institute’s leading-edge academic research and renowned strengths in management education.

Through our General Management courses, you will accelerate your transition into a management role and elevate your impact to build cooperation and get results. From managing difficult conversations to communicating effectively and gaining consensus, you will take away new perspectives and tools for developing a more productive workplace.

You will return to your organization with the confidence to fully participate in decision-making, and you will leave with an action plan for conflict resolution processes and other essential tools for a healthy work environment.

Key benefits

  • Master tools for making smart financial decisions
  • Enhance your abilities as a coach and mentor
  • Motivate employees with what matters to them
  • Build your emotional intelligence with concrete tools and strategies
  • Build stronger working relationships among Millennials, Generation X, and Baby Boomers
  • Discover ways to work through difficult conversations and discipline issues
  • Conclude win-win agreements through collaborative negotiations
  • Acquire the knowledge and skills to successfully lead virtual teams
  • Communicate more effectively, make better decisions, and cultivate more positive relationships

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