McGill Lean Six Sigma Training and Certification


Meet McGill’s first Lean Six Sigma Black Belt: Kate Richardson

Kate Richardson, a senior manager and graduate of the McGill Lean Six Sigma Green Belt, felt that the Black Belt would be a key asset to her role and credits the program with deepening her understanding of data, its significance and how it can be used to solve problems.

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Kate Richardson

Lean Six Sigma Black Belt

Philippe Toutoungi

Philippe Toutoungi

Associate at A.T. Kearney

I have followed Alex's Six Sigma Green Belt, Black Belt, and Lean Project Leader training. In each case, Alex customized the learning experience to the group at hand, putting forward a mix of theory and real-world examples. In fact, his strong experience in the industry and his dedication to all things Lean created a passionate environment conducive to results. In the case of the Black Belt training, Alex's pragmatic and engaged approach empowered me to implement a workplace solution that has led to a sizable impact on the bottom line.

Dessimira Varkova

Dessimira Varkova

Director Customer Support CU Canada at Ericsson

I met Alex during my Lean Six Sigma Green and Black Belt trainings. Alex has vast Six Sigma experience in diverse industries that is absolutely inspiring and is reflected in his excellent coaching practices. He is an amazing mentor who will dedicate as much time as needed to help you progress in your specific area of expertise. Working with Alex during my certification was a pleasure and great learning exposure.

JP Mendes

Senior Manager, Capital Markets Regulatory Projects

It was a fantastic journey to be part of the Green Belt & Black Belt certification course. Alex's hands-on approach on LSS coaching along with his extensive experience, dedication and strong support helped me contextualize, resonate and apply LSS methodologies to my own context/reality. Also, he's forward thinking and provides a a unique LSS & Machine Learning approach which will allow me to look at today's industry challenges through different angles. Again, thank you Alex!

Lean Six Sigma Green Belt

Zahoor Chughtai

Zahoor Chughtai

Associate Director, Sustainable Growth Initiative

I thoroughly enjoyed the Lean Six Sigma Green Belt certification course. The theoretical concepts were explained very clearly, and were complimented with rich discussion using practical business cases, allowing me to easily apply the learnings throughout the course. There was a good mix of individual and group-level participation, and the final project at the end of the course provided an excellent opportunity for each student to test their new knowledge and skills on a real-life challenge in the sector of your choice. I highly recommend this course to those seeking to build their skills in value-optimizing process improvement methodologies.

Anne Nguyen

Anne Nguyen, LSSBB

Digital Hospital Ambassador chez Institut Cardiologie de Montréal

Alex Boussetta is a coach and a high quality teacher. He is able to lead experienced professionals towards reflections and the practical application of the theory in a very concrete way. Alex is also able to identify and bring out forgotten skills. Thanks to him, I became aware of the process optimization and innovation skills I possessed; awareness that allowed me to dive into a prestigious position in innovation at the Montreal Heart Institute. Alex's training for the Black Belt Lean Six Sigma pushed me towards a refinement and efficiency in the management of very complex projects. Alex's reputation also makes it possible to be part of a network of high-level professionals, to share experiences, to complement knowledge.

Andrew Feng

Andrew Feng

Engineering Project Manager, Bombardier Aerospace

I was fortunate enough to take the Lean Six Sigma Green belt certification course with Alex, and kept in touch even after the course. He is a great mentor who listens a lot and give good example. Not only I was able to use the Six sigma methodologies he taught me to improve my project, I also benefited tremendously from his career/person development advice. I would recommend any young people who wants to learn about continuous improvement to take his trainings!

Chantal Chenard

Chantal Chenard

Business Analyst and Marketing Manager, McGill Executive Institute, McGill University

Exactly what I needed and fun! The tools are incredibly useful, and they give me the confidence to tackle the complexity of continuous improvement. I strongly recommend this certification and others in my team are already looking at signing up.

Kathleen Perry

HR Manager, Amphenol Canada Corp

We are fortunate to have engaged Alex in facilitating Six Sigma and Project Management training for employees at Amphenol Canada Corp. Alex has a diverse background and is extremely knowledgeable, making the workshops interesting by relating the theory and concepts to actual current business scenarios. He's a natural teacher and I would highly recommend him as a facilitator.