Leadership and Governance

Leadership and Governance

Whether you are moving into a leadership role or wish to refine your capabilities as a seasoned leader, the McGill Leadership and Governance Portfolio offers five unique programs to help you achieve success in your position:

  • McGill Executive Leadership Experience (6 days plus personalized coaching)
  • McGill Analytics Leadership Program (4 days plus personalized coaching)
  • Strategic Leadership (2 days)
  • Effective Leadership (2 days)
  • Directors Education Program (12 days)

Each of these programs offers a dynamic learning environment with world-class practices, case studies, peer-to-peer insights, international examples, results-oriented project work, and insights from top McGill faculty with practitioner experience. All participants receive a Certificate of Completion after each program. There is no obligation to complete the entire leadership portfolio.

Explore and reflect on your personal leadership attributes

Participants who have upper to senior-level management responsibilities often choose the McGill Executive Leadership Experience (MELE) for a complete and comprehensive view of leadership insights, with one-on-one coaching to accompany your onsite program. It develops well-rounded thinkers and decision-makers, focusing on you and your role as a Leader, Strategic Thinker and Value Creator.

Master big data and business analysis decisions to drive success

The McGill Analytics Leadership Program is designed for seasoned managers and individual contributors looking to improve decision-making and management practices related to big data and analytics. This is also an excellent program for those who use output linked to data, technology and customer behaviour to make better decisions that create more value for your organization.

Develop an Advanced Strategic Mind

Mid- to upper-level managers and individual contributors looking to improve capabilities in strategic thinking and relational intelligence often join Strategic Leadership as a springboard to improve long-term imagining and problem-solving as well as collaboration and communication. The outcome is enhanced strategic decision making and increased individual and team performance.

Lead with agility and integrity

Aspiring leaders and current leaders at all levels benefit from Effective Leadership to understand key leadership issues and practices such as leadership styles/behaviors and in which context to use them, leading with values and integrity as well as competencies required to survive and flourish in today’s turbulent environment.

Better your skills. Better your board.

Finally, the Directors Education Program (DEP) helps experienced directors and board members hone their skills and be more effective by addressing crucial topics such as Guiding Strategic Direction; Monitoring Financial Strategy, Risks and Disclosures; Guiding Human Performance; and Assessing Enterprise Risk and Directing Extreme and Unique Events. This 12-day course is taught by leading governance experts delivered in four three-day modules. It attracts directors with for-profit governance experience or those directors and professionals with near-term opportunity to serve on for-profit boards. Alumni are part of a network of 4,300 directors and over 11,000 ICD (Institute of Corporate Directors) members across Canada.

Benefits & Takeaways

  • Explore and reflect on your personal leadership attributes
  • Broaden and challenge beliefs with a network of top caliber faculty
  • Connect with an exceptional peer group from diverse backgrounds
  • Challenge yourself, others and existing organizational strategies, processes, assumptions and mindsets
  • Sustain long-term impact through follow-up mechanisms to track learning application and actions
  • Ensure your organization remains competitive and generates shareholder value over the long-term

Please contact a member of our learning solutions team to help you determine which program fits you best:

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